"Play Hard,  Play Fast,  Play Smart"


Quicksilver Baseball is constantly working to make their players, their coaches the best around. I love what they are doing. I have seen a tremendous amount of improvement in the players who work with Quicksilver Baseball. They are organized, disciplined and do a great job making the baseball exciting.”   

                                                                                                                                    Tony Rocha, Father of Bubba Rocha

My son loves baseball and has great arms. Since he started to learn pitching at age 9, he has been that fast and wild pitcher. I have taken him to lessons with many pitching coaches around south bay and bought many pitching books and DVDs in the last 3 years. Although I never played baseball in my life, I believe I’m qualified as an educated baseball dad now. With the help from all those coaches, my son gradually improved from a wild pitcher to an inconsistent pitcher. The lesson I learned is that most coaches are really good at telling you their success experiences, but they have hard time to leverage those experiences to solve individual kid’s challenges. Telling a kid to “keep head steady”, “control the body” is too abstract. You need to find a way to show them how to get there.

We met coach Scott when we played a tournament semifinal game against his team early last year. The pitcher he coached was untouchable and shut us down totally. We started to take lessons with coach Scott since last April and I noticed the difference in a month. My son started to throw more strikes and gained more and more control of the game. He had a wonderful all-star season in July and we worked with coach Scott throughout the summer. The end result for my son’s pitching is day and night comparing to several months ago. We kept working with coach Scott till today and I felt ecstatic that my son finally starts to click on pitching.

What makes coach Scott different is both his coaching experience and his focus on the kid himself. One the one hand, he has been coaching for more than 15 years and has seen all kinds of problems young pitchers have. On the other hand he put in lots of thinking and efforts to figure out how to solve a kid’s individual problem. He focus on getting kids to understand and feel their body movement through individually designed drills. Those drills allow my son to feel and understand the meaning and benefits of concepts such as “keep head steady”, etc. I believe this is the true meaning of coaching. As a bonus, coach Scott really cares about kids and is really fun to talk with. He is that coach who always put kids at first in a game and never let winning be a higher priority than kids themselves.

My son enjoys baseball much more these days and we are looking forward to continue working with coach Scott to get him to the next level. As a baseball dad, there’s nothing more satisfying than finding a great coach for my son. 

                                                                                                                                    Yi Mao