Hitting lessons - Beginners to advanced

  • Beginning mechanics to successful hitting
  • Advanced hitting techniques: Breaking balls, off speed
  • Game situation hitting, hitting zones
  • Mental aspects of successful hitting
  • Bat speed development

Baseball skills

  • Catching instruction
  • Pitching instruction: proper mechanics 
  • Fielding instruction
  • Individual player evaluations
  • Base running/ Proper sliding 
  • Overall baseball skills assessment
  • Arm strengthening
  • Vision training 

Quicksilver Policies

Our professional instructors works diligently to schedule your sessions at your requested times.* There are only a limited number of time slots available per week and our instructor depends on your cooperation to fill their schedules. When you schedule a lesson, you are not just scheduling instruction, you are also reserving an indoor space to work in our facility. Therefore, it is necessary for you to schedule your times with great care. Please do not schedule any lessons during dates or times when you may be subject to possible conflicts.

Twentyfour (24) hours notice is required to cancel and reschedule a session. Should it be necessary for you to cancel a lesson you must call the instructor directly to cancel or leave a time stamped message on the quicksilver phone at: 408-316-7085.  If you cancel a rescheduled lesson, you will be charged for that session. Habitual cancellations cannot and will not be tolerated for any reason. You must assume responsibility for the external factors in your life which can affect your ability to meet your scheduled obligations. Please schedule accurately and with care. We thank you, in advance, for your cooperation and understanding.

Lesson & Packages

"Play Hard,  Play Fast,  Play Smart"



   Private lessons in hitting or pitching.

   All lessons are 45 minutes in length.

   $75.00  for an individual lesson     ($75.00 each)
   $180.00 for a 3 lesson package     ($60.00 each)
   $275.00 for a 5 lesson package     ($55.00 each)

   TEAM MEMBERS ONLY   (Lesson Package)

   4 Lessons for $200


  Hitter's Club & QS Baseball's

 Spring Break All Skills Camp

​  The Weeks of . . . . . .

  April 3    Mon-Wed-Fri 9am-12pm

  April 10  Mon-Wed-Fri 9am-12pm

​  April 17  Mon-Wed-Fri 9am-12pm

  Cost $200 New players or

​   $175 Current Quicksilvers players

​   $50 deposit is required at sign-up